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Here’s a bit of a teaser preview concerning the new Kal’s Korner reality-based TV show. Between now and January 28th, we will explain its different components so that by the time it airs in a few weeks you will already be familiar with them. Let’s start first with recapping some background information.

One of the features in the new Kal’s Korner reality-based TV show is the Kalboy Cam, shown here as we walk around Prague. Inset, famed Canadian Broadcaster Rob McConnell is one of many international guests who are regulars on the show.

By Popular Demand
Since Kal’s Korner made its debut in Metropolitni Expres nearly two years ago, it has become extremely popular, thanks to all of YOU, our readers! Based on the nearly 25,000 emails and letters we have received, an astounding 94% of you have indicated that you like it very much.

During this last year especially, Kal’s Korner began to lay the groundwork for serious expansion, in an effort to keep up with the incredible demand which has emerged. It seems as if people can’t get enough of it, including those who make a point to "kriticize" everything we do, no matter what it is. Even the "kritics" are "hooked" in their own weird ways.

Being both overwhelmed and of course sensitive to this, Kal’s Korner has expanded into syndication.

It can be read each day in print in Metropolitni Expres, and it is also published daily on several Web sites, including iDnes. In fact, ALL official online past editions of Kal’s Korner are found exclusively on iDnes.

Radio and TV
In addition to becoming syndicated, we also expanded into radio.

Each Friday morning from 7-8AM live from Prague at different locations, Kal’s Korner is featured as a special one HOUR segment on Rob McConnell’s wildly popular "X" Zone Radio Show.

The "X" Zone broadcasts out of Ontario, Canada. The show is syndicated by the American broadcast behemoth the TalkStar Radio Network, and it’s heard around the world on dozens or radio stations (20 in Asia alone!) and on the Web.

Jokes of the Day: Yet More Blonde Jokes

Q: What is the definition of a blonde carpool?

A: It’s when they all get together and meet at work at 7:45AM.

Q: Did you hear about the blonde woman who went to London?

A: She came back disappointed because she discovered that Big Ben is only a clock.

Q: Did you hear about the blonde woman whose boyfriend told her how much he loved her?

A: She actually believed him!

There’s a new disease scientists have discovered which is unique to blondes. It is called MAIDS. If a blonde woman doesn’t get one, she is in trouble.

Then there was the blonde who stood in front of a mirror and closed her eyes so she could see what she looked like when asleep.

Angličtina vychází od pondělí do pátku.

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