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- Do you remember the world before? Our lives, before...all of this? Do you remember our hopes? Our strenght? We thought we could win and...the end cames. But you, me...they...we all survived. We stayed. But something...something in us died. We didn't recognize ourself in the mirror, but our lives came and goes still forward. Our fight ended. Our inner light shaded, until was gone. We tried to survive, but are we? Are we survived? Didn't we died, that day when they won and took our world...

- Niet, polkovnik. We survived, and our hearts are beating. We are never stop fighting, even when the war was lost. We are hope. They...they could die, they could lose. We seen them die. We killed them and they died. They are not immortal, and even the world don't see us as heroes anymore, we still can bring them justice. Freedom. Better days. One day, may be the day long after our bones will rot, someone else after us, will liberate the world that we knew, and he will again be a reality.Long War 2 je tu...

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